Repair Request

Yes, we know it hurts when your lovelies snap or break… it’s heartbreaking, but nothing is forever. Waistbeads break for a variety of reasons, but the most common scenario is that you were rushing to pee and the beads get caught on your pants or fingers and that’s all she wrote…

Fortunately we understand that, so we’ve created an easy way to request a repair or restring for your beads. If you’ve lost all your beads, unfortunately we can’t do much to help… BUT, if the metal connectors break, or the string snaps and you managed to hold on to the beads, then by all means we’re happy to repair the waistbeads you purchased from us. Please place a repair order here, and if you want to follow up with us use our regular contact info to call and talk to us about it.

International repair requires you to pay postage & handling fees for return to you.

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